Privacy Policy:​

Updated: May 13, 2019

OgStar Reading® is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of our app users, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and/or legal guardians. We have created this privacy policy in regard to the collection and use of any data or information gathered on this application. We do not reveal student, family, or professional details for advertising, sales, or distribution purposes. Any information obtained from app users will exclusively be utilized in relation to the use of the OgStar Reading® application. Use of our app is considered to be consent for OgStar Reading® to process user data according to the  specific guidelines that are herein set forth in this protocol.


Collection of Data: When personal accounts are set up through the app store, OgStar Reading® will not have access to any personal information.  When schools set up group accounts, OgStar Reading® will only have access to anonymized data. Names of students, ages of students, school names, classroom assignments, and progress data will only be on the actual device.  As students move through the lessons, performance data will be gathered; this information will remain on the device that is being used for the app (e.g., iPad) and will not be shared online through any internet or cloud services.  Any speech recognition activities completed by students while using the app will not be stored in any way.  Any touch recognition activities completed by students while using the app will not be stored in any way.  Any camera images of students projected during the use of the app are not saved or stored in any way. Any photographs or videos of individuals using the app will not be shared without written consent by parents and/or schools.  


Use of Information: OgStar Reading® only collects user data for educational purposes. Each individual customer has an individualized profile based on individual performance on each of the steps. This creates a personalized learning path for teachers, parents, and administrators to monitor in order to create a meaningful learning profile.  


Protection and Compliance:  We regularly review and revise our security policies to be sure that they are up-to-date and include any new official regulations.  If there is a security or privacy issue, OgStar Reading® will contact any and all affected parties within 72 hours.   


Use of Cookies: We do not use cookies in our product.


Disclosure of Information to Third Parties: We do not disclose information to Third Parties.


Links to Third Parties: We do not have links to Third Parties.


Analytics: We will use analytics to understand and analyze User Experience patterns in order to provide an optimal program. This will not contain any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  


COPPA: We are required by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act to obtain parental permission for usage and or collection of any personal data related to children (under 13 years of age).  If a parent would like to prohibit their child from using the app, they may request account deletion through their school.  Schools will be able to delete students from our system.  Schools will also be able to request data deletion for their school in our system.  


Questions: If there are any concerns about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact OgStar Reading®, LLC at, 443-583-4341, or at OgStar Reading®, LLC; Towson University Incubator; 7400 York Road; 3rd Floor; Towson, MD;  21204.