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Volume discounts are available for schools and educational organizations on both iPad and Chrome versions of OgStar Reading.

OgStar Reading® takes students on a captivating reading adventure and includes built-in mini-games and rewards to keep students motivated and engaged. OgStar Reading® is a patent-pending, technologically-sophisticated app with handwriting recognition feedback, speech recognition feedback, audio-visual synchronization, voice-over correction feedback, and built-in word pronunciation features.

Data collection is available for parents and teachers describing student performance and progress over time. This delightful, multisensory, structured literacy game helps students of all ages to independently develop evidence-based literacy skills, in accordance with the scientific standards recommended by the National Reading Panel indicating the best ways to teach students how to read.


Complete ipad VERSION &   chrome version for computer

  • 106 lesson literacy game - about 3 years' worth of curriculum

  • For preschool - 8th grade students


early reader FOR ipad

  • 35 lesson literacy game – about 1 years’ worth of curriculum 

  • For preschool - 2nd grade students


syllables & beyond FOR ipad

  • 41 lesson literacy game – about 1 - 1 ½ years’ worth of curriculum 

  • For 4th - 8th grade students who have mastered one syllable words with both short and long vowels 


explore for ipad

  • 4 lesson literacy game – trial to explore our multisensory  approach

  • For teachers, parents, and students who wish to check out our beginning lessons

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