Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scope and Sequence for OgStar Reading®?

Lessons 1 - 35 Lessons 36 - 65 Lessons 66 - 106

How do I reset the parent/teacher password?

Email us at and we will help you reset your password.

Can my child/student jump ahead or repeat lessons?

We recommend that most students complete all of the lessons and steps within the selected sequence. However, all lessons are unlocked in all of the apps. If a student needs to skip ahead or review past lessons, he/she can. Teachers may alter the sequence to review specific skills with students.

Does OgStar Reading Complete include all of the steps in an OG Program?

Yes, it does. It is based on our CEO’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” Program, which includes all of the steps in a traditional OG Program, with added Phonological Awareness and Fluency Training (the “Plus” part of the program). Ogstar reading is in alignment with the science of reading as determined by the National Reading Panel in the year 2000.

Should OgStar Reading® be done independently by a student?

OgStar Reading® can be done independently by a student, however, children under 7 years of age will most likely benefit from an adult sitting nearby (a parent or teacher) to help them to stay “on-task”. Some teachers or tutors will want to observe the child working on parts of the lesson, to gain additional information about their performance, and to assist children in understanding all of the nuances of the program (like using the “skip”, “repeat”, and “erase” buttons, buying the “prizes”, working with the speech recognition button, or just keeping track of their performance). Children can use OgStar Reading® (with or without headphones) at their desks in school during independent time, instead of doing assigned classwork that may not be aligned with their needs.

What should I do if the child is saying that the speech recognition system is not recognizing their responses?

Speech recognition in any app has limitations because (a) some students speak in a low whisper so the system cannot pick up their voices, (b) some students start talking into the app after tapping the “listening star” (before the “listening ears” pop up) which signals them to begin recording, (c) some students let go of the “listening star” before they have finished speaking, (d) some students speak in a dialect or accent that it is not recognizable to the speech recognition system, and/or (e) some students are working in a noisy room, making it difficult for the system to process their responses. Using a set of headphones with a microphone can help with (a), (d), and (e) above. If students are talking before the “listening ears” pop up, they need modeling from a parent or teacher to help them to understand the importance of speaking when the app is able to “listen”. If there are continuing issues, students are able to tap the “skip” button and move on to the next item, in the event that the system cannot process their response.

What if my child prefers to use cursive handwriting?

OgStar Reading® will accept all responses in cursive letter forms, however, when the student is learning a new letter/sound combination, the letter provided for tracing is in a printed form. We are working on an alternate version of OgStar Reading® that will include a cursive model of the new sound/letter combination.

Will OgStar Reading® work with any Orton-Gillingham program?

Yes. OgStar Reading® follows the sequence that is present in all original and revised Orton-Gillingham programs. The apps are aligned with the specific sequence in the Orton-Gillingham "Plus" Program which is based on a combination of nine different Orton-Gillingham programs.

Is OgStar Reading® designed to replace a teacher or tutor-based Orton-Gillingham program?

No. It is preferable that students who need Orton-Gillingham will simultaneously receive systematic instruction from trained teachers, tutors, or parents; however, if students are in a geographic area without trained instructors or if students are learning English anywhere in the world, OgStar Reading may be used initially to introduce them to all of the elements contained in a full-service Orton-Gillingham program.

Where should I start my child/student in the program?

We recommend that students under the age of 8 begin with Lesson 1 in OgStar Reading Complete, OgStar Reading Early Reader, or OgStar Reading Explore. Students who are 8 years of age and older can take the initial Placement Test in OgStar Reading Complete or OgStar Reading Explore to see a suggested starting point. Parents and teachers can also use the Scope and Sequence ( Lessons 1 - 35, Lessons 36 - 65, Lessons 66 - 106 ) to determine which lessons align with skills the student has already mastered and proceed from there. Students over the age of 8, who have fully mastered all of the skills through Lesson 65, can begin with OgStar Reading Syllables & Beyond.