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The go-to OG+ app for tomorrow's readers!

Our Orton-Gillingham Plus app offers a home or school-based full structured literacy curriculum for early readers, dyslexics, English language learners, or struggling students from ages 4 - 13.


If you’re the parent of a new or struggling reader, you probably think a lot about helping your kid become a successful reader. When school instruction is insufficient to meet your child’s needs, OgStar can help! Sometimes, OgStar is the early boost that unlocks the code for kids and sends them soaring. Sometimes, OgStar reinforces school instruction that is too fast or not explicit and systematic enough for your child. Other times, OgStar is the only foundational reading instruction, based on the science of reading, that your child will receive. 


Struggling students may require 14 - 40 exposures to a skill to master it and dyslexic kiddos can require up to 200 exposures. OgStar provides consistent instruction and practice to reinforce skills, fill in gaps, and accelerate learning in a multisensory, gamified format. The “wait and see” approach to reading can be detrimental to lifelong learning. Now is the time to start your child’s OgStar journey. See the difference an OgStar lesson a day can make for your child!

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